Our Mission

The DCC mission is to provide delicious, unforgettable dishes, value and impeccable customer service to average families in communities in and around the Houston area and later, abroad.  DCC’s culinary style, quality and brave approach mean we dare to be different and strive for perfection.  Our mission is to specialize in food divinely created to be especially pleasing to the palette.  Our mission is to ensure our guests are satisfied with delicious dishes that will touch their soul, keeping them going back for more.  Divine Creations Cuisine provides communities with an opportunity to purchase and or learn ways to prepare simple, balanced, nutritious, quality, affordable family meals. 

Chan the Neighborhood Cook, CEO of DCC (Divine Creations Cuisine) seeks to offer traditional creole and not so traditional creole family dishes, all vegetarian and vegan dishes to various communities.  She understands the hustle and bustle of today’s demands; therefore, her personal mission is to provide the most fulfilling culinary experience ever.  Her meals are made with mostly fresh, local, quality ingredients.  She strives to prepare meals with minimally processed ingredients including GMO, msg and high fructose corn syrup.  Chan the Neighborhood Cook offers ways to fulfill the mission through cooking demonstrations, weekly family style meals, catered events, providing ease with simple specialty items like the savory pie line, cooking classes, in-home catered events, in-home couples and social cooking classes and themed food trailers.  Together, DCC, Divine Creations Cuisine and Chan the Neighborhood Cook intends to offer these options to those who appreciate getting their time back to rest, enjoy life and their families, adding balance to everyday family and work life.

Why Divine Creations?

Who has time to cook?  We Do! Let us plan your family weekly meal today and leave the shopping and cooking to us. Take something off your plate this week and every week. COOKING, Don’t make a Fuss, Just leave the Cooking to US! Divine Creations Cuisine is delighted to prepare today’s beautiful brunch, tomorrow’s light and healthy lunch, or tonight’s delicious stress-less dinner for you and your family. It’s a culinary experience divinely created just for you. We would be honored to cater your next special event. Call us today to design your menu.  Order your DCC Signature Quiche and or  Pot Pie Today.  Shaped like the Moon and Chan the Neighborhood Cook’s childhood nick name, DCC quiche and pot pies are sure to brighten any night. With bold flavors, fresh, frozen, never canned local ingredients topped off with a tiny twist of heat, DCC quiches and pot pies are sure to shine.   DCC quiche and pot pies are full of flavor, filling and sure to be a family favorite. Packed with protein and nutrients hidden, then seen after cutting, these savory pies are filled with frozen or fresh veggies, quality meat, eggs, cheese and milk , then baked to perfection.  Order your three pack today.  You may also buy in bulk and freeze to save time and money.

Chan the Neighborhood Cook’s    WHY….

I’m a down home Texas girl with Louisiana roots who is inspired to empower young adults and the average community family to prepare or purchase simple, quality, nutritious, affordable meals.  I consider myself the human mixer; mixing things up for all in the kitchen.  My intent is to connect and appeal to the average, everyday working class community, motivating them to be creative in the kitchen. I want to encourage them to  take one step forward in the right direction towards a healthy balanced life.  One step forward can change lives for the better, which in turn, positively impact community.  At Divine Creations Cuisine, our platform is designed to help families with self-improvement in the kitchen, minimizing potential for diseases.  The kitchen is the root of all diseases. We want to help make your kitchen the medicine cabinet. Self-improvement is the basis for community development and we at the Divine Creations are here for it.